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Commonly Used “Chicken Speak”

Bantam: chicken variety that is about half the size of the standard breed of chickens. These breeds are usually bred for ornamental reasons.

Brood: this could either mean the hens incubating their chicks or a flock of baby chickens.

Broodiness: a chicken’s desire to incubate their babies... unfertilized or fertilized.

Capon: a rooster that has been castrated.

Clutch: fertilized egg groups that hens tend to incubate.

Cockerel: a juvenile or young rooster.

Comb: this is the rubbery, red flat piece of flesh hanging on top of a chicken’s head. Roosters have a more prominent comb than hens.

Dust bath: A pattern of chicken behavior wherein they dig a hole in the ground and immerse their bodies in earth that has been loosened. They will get down and dirty until they get satisfied. Bathing in dust is a kind of defense mechanism to protect chickens from lice and mites that may invade their feathers and feed on their blood. A dust bath can either be natural or artificial.

Fertilized egg: an egg that came from mating of a rooster and a hen and is destined to become a baby.

Grit: bits of rock or sand bits that chickens tend to eat and is stored in the crop that is important for good digestion.

Hackles: chicken’s neck feathers.

Hen: female chicken.

Molt or molting: this is the process of feather shedding and re-growing which happens once a year. When molting season comes, laying season is suspended.

Pullet: female chick