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Taking Care of Chicks and Ducklings!

When we started with a backyard flock of our own, we found that there are so many ways to take of  chicks and ducklings!  You have probably read so many blogs and articles, viewed countless videos, and spoke to other chicken and duck fanciers to obtain knowledge.   So did we!  We have compiled a list of best practices below in the comparison grid on how to best care for your baby chicks or ducks.

Things to Remember...

Never use Ren-O Sal on ducks

Adding a water-soluble vitamin mix formulated for baby poultry to the water for the first 5 to 7 days is ok. Because waterfowl drink more than twice as much water as chickens, use vitamin mixes at 1/2 the recommended rate for baby chicks.

Feeds......When a duck/goose starter is unavailable, we recommend using a flock raiser ration.  Another option is to use a mix of 1 part chick starter and 1 part turkey of gamebird starter; this normally makes a good ration for baby waterfowl.

NEVER give laying rations to young waterfowl. In our experience, so-called "all purpose" or "triple duty" feeds normally are unsatisfactory if used as the sole ration for waterfowl during the first 8 weeks.

We highly recommend the additional information on feeding and nutrition covered in Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, The Book of Geese and Wing Disorders in Waterfowl.

After arriving at their new home, your baby waterfowl need warmth, drinking water, fresh food and rest. Check on them regularly to make sure they are comfortable, but avoid handling them the first several days.



We would like to thank everyone who has visited us and purchased chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys over the years.  We are changing our focus on the farm and will no longer be selling poultry on a regular basis.  More to come!  Stay tuned!