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Check out the special article on “The Cluck Bus” that was published in the Community Chickens Online Magazine September 2012! We were recognized for our “Cool Coop”!

We converted this 60 passenger school bus into a mobile chicken coop for our egg layers.   

All of the seats were removed and sold.  We used materials that we already had on the farm, some of them reclaimed: wood, metal, screws, poultry wire.

Each week the bus will be moved to a different location on the farm to allow the hens to free range and feed off of fresh grasses, bugs, and insects, but have a supplement of feed as needed and plenty of fresh water.

Free range eggs really taste better.  Compared to commercial eggs, free range eggs have:

    - 7X more beta-carotene

    - 1/3 less cholesterol

     - 2/3 more Vitamin A

    - 2X more omega 3 fatty acids

    - Less saturated fat








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