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Ozbert Farms

Ozbert Farms

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Happy Chickens & Tasty Eggs!
Drive 15 miles east of Raleigh and you will find some of happiest chickens and the tastiest cage-free, free-range eggs at an affordable price! We breed and offer unique poultry here on the farm from day old chicks to started pullets .  Eggs are collected and cleaned daily for sale or prepared for incubation to offer the community.  
The backdrop of wide open space, clean air and water, coupled with sound animal husbandry practices have allowed us to sustain and breed some unique species or some of the more common layers such as the Rhode Island Red or Silver Penciled Rock chickens.  And so much more!
Whether you are interested in raising chickens to teach your children responsibility, to establish a  new flock for pets, to sit back and watch them play in the yard or in a custom coop, or just “want them for the eggs and organic pest control”, we share your enthusiasm!
We encourage you to browse our site or Facebook page or contact us by phone or email.  Keep in mind that  we are stewards of a working farm and promise to return messages or emails within 24-48 hours.  Thanks for visiting.